SSTV about 1960
Digi-Sites ver 6.40
EP ScreenShot ver 1.10
SSTV-Sites ver 4.91
Dupe Remover ver 1.10
EP Cam ver 2.21
EZCalls ver 4.11
EZLog ver 3.12
UTC World Clock 1.0
SSTV-Ftp ver 2.00
sstvPics ver 3.54
Grayline map ver 1.10
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EP ScreenShot version 1.10 Mar 15, 2017

Download EP ScreenShot110.exe

EP ScreenShot allows you to get a screenshot of any part of the screen.

   Then you can;

   Paste image to EasyPal

   Send image to Clipboard

   Send image to a file.

   Send image to Desktop.



W3WVG Amateur Radio Software

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