SSTV about 1960
Digi-Sites ver 6.40
EP ScreenShot ver 1.10
SSTV-Sites ver 4.91
Dupe Remover ver 1.10
EP Cam ver 2.21
EZCalls ver 4.11
EZLog ver 3.12
UTC World Clock 1.0
SSTV-Ftp ver 2.00
sstvPics ver 3.54
Grayline map ver 1.10
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SSTV-Ftp version 2.00    Sep 12, 2015

Download SSTV-Ftp200.exe

SSTV-Ftp can monitor the History folder of up to four SSTV programs.

The interface changes size to only show the programs being monitored.  


When a new image is received, the image can be uploaded to Digi-Sits,

SSTV-Sites, or a web page.


A Checknew.jpg file is also uploaded to indicate On Air or Off Air status.


You can select any image on your computer to upload or select

a folder to browse for an image to upload.


In MMSSTV, right click on History tab and click Use jpeg format.  


Fill in ftp boxes same as EasyPal or to match the settings for your site.

A green up-arrow is displayed in the Task bar which flashes during file upload.

You can right click on arrow to show GUI or close program.



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