SSTV about 1960
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Erik VK4AES author of EasyPal digital image software. 

Rest In Peace.


Digi-Sites 6.40

Demo of first SSTV about 1960

  This is what the first SSTV images looked like about 1960. The 8 second black and  white image was displayed on a P7  CRT used in radar sets. The yellow appearance is from a yellow filter in front of the display to reduce the blue light caused when the beam hit the yellow phosphor. Usually 3 frames were sent during a transmission. The first monitor I built had a 5 inch screen and later I built a 7 inch all transistor monitor. For transmitting I built a flying spot scanner which used a 3 inch CRT to bounce light off a picture. This video was then mixed with sync pulses for tranmission. The photo I used for this demo is a picture of my brother Bob who was killed in the Navy in 1953.


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