SSTV about 1960
Digi-Sites ver 5.74
Digi-Sites-JP ver 5.58
SSTV-Sites ver 4.91
EP Cam ver 2.21
EZCalls ver 3.01
EZLog ver 3.11
UTC World Clock 1.0
Digi-Ftp ver 1.15
sstvPics ver 3.54
Grayline map ver 1.00
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Digi-Sites version 5.74  Dec 9, 2014

Download DigiSites574.exe

Monitor web-sites with uploaded EasyPal digital images and virtual web-cams.


if you are interested in uploading images or adding a web-cam, you will find these links helpfull. and


If you know of new or discontinued upload sites, please send them to me at



W3WVG Amateur Radio Software

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