SSTV about 1960
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Erik VK4AES author of EasyPal digital image software. 

Rest In Peace.


Digi-Sites version 6.11 should be able to display in any language.

If you would like other languages added, email me at

A program called EasyPal RxOk has been added. 

It operates thee same as the Received Ok window in EasyPal which no longer works.

Demo of first SSTV about 1960

  This is what the first SSTV images looked like about 1960. The 8 second black and  white image was displayed on a P7  CRT used in radar sets. The yellow appearance is from a yellow filter in front of the display to reduce the blue light caused when the beam hit the yellow phosphor. Usually 3 frames were sent during a transmission. The first monitor I built had a 5 inch screen and later I built a 7 inch all transistor monitor. For transmitting I built a flying spot scanner which used a 3 inch CRT to bounce light off a picture. This video was then mixed with sync pulses for tranmission. The photo I used for this demo is a picture of my brother Bob who was killed in the Navy in 1953.


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