SSTV about 1960
Digi-Sites ver 6.40
EP ScreenShot ver 1.10
SSTV-Sites ver 4.91
Dupe Remover ver 1.10
EP Cam ver 2.21
EZCalls ver 4.11
EZLog ver 3.12
UTC World Clock 1.0
SSTV-Ftp ver 2.00
sstvPics ver 3.54
Grayline map ver 1.10
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EP Cam version 2.21  Feb 6, 2014

Download EP Cam221.exe

     EP Cam can be used in place of ManyCam to capture the upper left corner of EasyPal. The captured image is used as an overlay on WebCam7 and used as a virtual web cam.


    EP Cam can overlay a thumbnail of the last image received, a UTC clock, scrolling text, and the red & green progress bar at the lower left of EasyPal. If you have an on-screen s-meter, that can be overlayed also. EP Cam docks with EasyPal, so if EasyPal is moved, EP Cam will not need to be re-adjusted.




W3WVG Amateur Radio Software

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