SSTV about 1960
Digi-Sites ver 5.74
Digi-Sites-JP ver 5.58
SSTV-Sites ver 4.91
EP Cam ver 2.21
EZCalls ver 3.01
EZLog ver 3.11
UTC World Clock 1.0
Digi-Ftp ver 1.15
sstvPics ver 3.54
Grayline map ver 1.00
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Digi-Ftp version 1.15    Feb 6, 2011

Download DigiFtp115.exe

   Digi-Ftp monitors the KG-STV Autosave folder, the MMSSTV history folder, and the InterACE RxPics folder and when a new file is added, the image is uploaded to your Digi-Site same as EasyPal. A Checknew.jpg file is also uploaded to indicate On Air or Off Air.

  Fill in ftp boxes same as EasyPal. A green up-arrow is displayed in the System tray which is yellow during file upload.

You can right click on arrow to show GUI or close program.

GUI only shows at startup if ftp address box is blank.


W3WVG Amateur Radio Software

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